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quatrepolar wrote in addiction_recs

1&2 (primary)

Title: The Drums of Heaven (by Sol1056)
Primary Pairing: 1x2
Length: 50 chapters
Very plot-focused, and full of twists. Also a great many OCs, but all are fairly (if not very) likeable, and contribute to the story very fittingly. I admit it took me a while to think of Heero as a photographer without having to pause and stare, but this is truly a fic worth reading.

Title: Inheritance (by Sparkle Itamashii)
Primary Pairing: 1x2
Length: 30 chapters, epilogue
Starts out a bit housewifey, but turns into an enjoyable action plot. A few interesting twists.

Title: The Deal (by Dyna Dee)
Primary Pairing: 1x2
Length: 10 chapters
A light-hearted romance fic, really. Unlike the two above, it's not dark nor particularly full of non-romantic plot... but it's enjoyable regardless.

Title: Trial and Error (by Maldoror)
Primary Pairing: 1+2
Length: 15 chapters
A hilarious chronicle of Heero's self-assigned mission to try and set up his companions. A lot of misunderstandings; I laughed so hard I had to take a break to make the pain go away.


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