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Harry Potter [all]
quatrepolar wrote in addiction_recs
Title: Doppelganger (by schizometriclanguage)
Series: Harry Potter
Primary Pairing: Sirius+Remus, Remus focus
Set after Sirius' fall through the veil, and focuses on how Remus copes, with a surprising element of plot. Follows canon and nobody is brought back from the dead. OCs are well developed and likeable.

Title: Hark! the dogs howl! (by Froody)
Series: Harry Potter
Primary Pairing: Sirius+Remus
23 chapters + epilogue. This is yet another venture into the Mauraders' Hogwarts years, and includes all the usual events. What sets it aside is the brilliant handling of "the Snape incident" and the emotions involved. Actual pairing fluff is minimal.


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